Assessor: Lspearling
Linda Spearling, MAAO, MCPPE
Phone #(810) 785-1054
Fax # (810) 785-2624
For questions or concerns regarding your property tax assessment or to schedule a time to meet with someone regarding a dispute, correction or just questions.  Please call or email Linda A. Spearling the contact information is provided above.  All inquiries will be responded to as quickly as possible but within 5 business days.

Responsible for real and personal property assessment functions in Mt. Morris Township, to ensure that all property is fairly and equally assessed among all tax payers as required by Michigan Property tax laws, and that accurate assessment records are maintained. 

Record cards are available in our office during normal business hours, or can be accessed online by clicking the Online Property Information link below.

Board of Review

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Review shall convene for the purpose of hearing and considering assessment protests in the Mt Morris Township Board Room, at 5447 Bicentennial Dr., Mt. Morris, MI 48458. All appearances will be by appointment (810) 785-1054. Appearances before the Board of Review are limited to fifteen (15) minutes or less. When appearing before the Board you must present a fully executed petition (L-4035), which will be made available in the Assessor's Office.

 The Mt. Morris Township March Board of Review will meet on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, March 5, 2024, 9:00am = Organizational Meeting
  • Monday, March 11, 2024, 9:00am to 5:00pm = Appeal Hearing
  • Tuesday, March 12, 2024, 9:00am to 5:00pm = Appeal Hearing
  • Wednesday, March 13, 2024, 1:00pm to 9:00pm = Appeal Hearing

The Board of Review will meet as many more days as deemed necessary to hear questions, protests, and to equalize the 2024 assessments.  By board resolution 2017-010, taxpayers are not able to protest by letter.

The tentative ratios and the estimated multipliers for each class of real property and personal property for 2024 are as follows:

*Agricultural ............49.91%.         1.0000
*Commercial............49.78%........ 1.0000
*Residential.............49.52%.......... 1.0000
*Industrial.................49.79%......... 1.0000
*Personal Property...50.00%......... 1.0000

Americans With Disabilities (ADA) Notice

The Township will provide necessary reasonable services to individuals with disabilities at the Board of Review meetings upon a day’s notice.
Contact: Linda Spearling, Assessor, 5447 Bicentennial Dr., Mt. Morris, MI 48458 (810)785-1054x204

Board of Review Members:
Tonya Johnson, Chair
Vicki Perkins, Secretary
Mary Hodges

Economic Condition Factors (ECF)
house assessing page
An ECF adjusts the assessor's use of the State Tax Commission's Assessor's Manual to the local market.  The link to the ECF's for the studies for the neighborhoods in the Township are below.

Click here for Files

Land Values and Land Value Maps

Assessor's are required to determine Land Values every year for all property classifications and neighborhoods.  The link for the land values listed by school district and neighborhood are below.

Click here for Files