Gayle Armstrong
  • Township TreasurerTownship resident for 47 years
  • Married with 1 daughter
  • 5 years in banking
  • 23 years in public accounting
  • Served as Chairman of Zoning Board of Appeals for 5 years
  • Education in Cost, Fund and Municipal Accounting, GASB,
    Financial Management & Budgeting
  • Certified by Michigan Municipal Treasurers Institute
  • Training in BS&A Tax & BS&A Personal Property Tax
  • BS&A training on Township accounting procedures
    (general ledger and financial management) 
    Job positions at Mt. Morris Township
  • 2 years as Sewer/Water Accounting Clerk
  • 5 years as Deputy Treasurer
  • 6 years as Treasurer

Property TaxesSummer Property Taxes:

Summer Taxes are due July 1st and payable until Sept. 14th without penalty. Beginning Sept. 15th interest will be added the first of each month thereafter.

Winter Property Taxes:

Winter Taxes are due December 1st and payable until February 14th without penalty. Penalty Charge of 3% may be applied to payment made February 15th through the end of February.

Online Property Information
Property Closing Request Form 

Beginning March 1st all unpaid real property taxes must be paid at the Genesee County Treasurer's Office, 1101 Beach St. Flint, Michigan 48502 with penalty and interest added per month as prescribed by law. Call 810-257-3054 for penalties/interest due on delinquent taxes.

Real Estate closing information request forms are $10.00 and will be faxed within 7 to 10 days.

Sewer/WaterMt. Morris Township Sewer/Water Customers Only

Inquiries on your bill call the Treasurer's office (810)785-0818.
For maintenance call Genesee County Drain Office(810)732-7870.

Sewer/Water Bill Inquiry or Credit Card Payment

For Genesee County's clean water initiatives please visit ( website.

LANDLORD AFFIDAVIT(Not Mandatory) - Before the Affidavit is Validated we must have a deposit tendered by the lessee of $500.00 and copy of the lease stating that the tenant is responsible for the water and sewer charges, which shall be placed in an account bearing no interest for the benefit of the lessee, to satisfy any FINAL delinquent water charges and/or bills.    At the termination of the tenancy, any and all remaining funds will be refunded to the lessee, within 30 days, at an address to be provided by the lessee, at the time the tenancy is terminated.  If no address is provided, the funds will be mailed to the subject tenancy dwelling unit.

WATER TURN OFFS - When your water bill is 30 days past due your water may be turned off for non payment.  If your water is turned off, you have to pay the bill in full plus a $50.00 turn on/off charge.(CASH ONLY)