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Mt. Morris Township, Michigan

Mt. Morris Township derives its name from a community in New York also named Mount Morris which was the home of many of the first settlers in the area.  Benjamin Pearson, "Uncle Ben" as he was more familiarly called, was the pioneer of Mount Morris.  He came from Avon, Livington County, New York, early in the spring of 1833.  Immediately after his arrival at Todd's Tavern, Pearson devoted many of his days to "land looking."  It was his purpose to become a permanment resident of the new county, and also to invest a considerable sum in the purchase of desirable lands.

From the days of the first settlement in 1833 to 1836, what is currently Mt.Morris Township was located in a portion of a larger area known at the time as Grand Blanc Township.  Flint was formed in the spring of 1836, and from that time until early 1838, Mt. Morris Township was under the jurisdiction of Flint.  In 1838, the Townships of Genesee and Flushing were created and what is now Mt. Morris was located within the western half of Genesee and the eastern half of Flushing.  Mt. MorrisTownship was formed from Flushing and Genesee Townships by act of the State Legislature, approved on February 12, 1855.

When the state legislature established Mt. Morris Township on February 12, 1855, they decreed that the first Township meeting would be held on the first Monday in April.  Thus, the first Mt. Morris Township election was held on April 2, 1855, in an abandoned log house in the southeast corner of the Township.  There were 74 votes cast at this election and the Township was organized with elected officials.